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About Me

There are many travel blogs out there where people live the nomad life - this isn't one of them.

Nurse by trade, adventurer by nature, I started this blog to share my experiences traveling and learning with kids (a lot of them).

 My very patient husband and I have five children and have been homeschooling for over 25 years. After being a stay-at-home mom for what seemed like a lifetime, I returned to school to try something different. I earned a Master's in Nursing and started a career as a psychiatric nurse. Recently, I completed a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree and began teaching. I transitioned entirely away from the bedside to teach full-time at a local community college in 2022. I love teaching and nursing, but travel and photography are what drives me. We travel anywhere from 2-4 months per year, so although we aren't fully nomadic, we spend much time wandering. Our passion is national parks, and we have a goal to see them all. As we roam the world, we will share our very favorite places, foods, activities, and gear. We hope you connect with us by subscribing so we can adventure together! A journey is much more fun when it is shared with friends. 

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